Our team are more than just accountants.

From simple tax returns through to assistance with audits and preparation of statements, our primary objective is to provide independent, professional advice that will ensure you meet and even exceed your financial objectives.

This begins all with an analysis of your tax history and its context.

For businesses, we use our expertise around tax compliance and business management to maximise the amount of wealth you retain from your business after tax. This includes cost-effective preparation of your Business Activity Statement (BAS) and business reviews throughout the year. Our independent advice about managing your business and the systems upon which it relies will ensure that we keep you in front of your financial goals.

When it comes to income tax at the end of each financial year, we see this is an opportunity to review past tax performance and prepare for future income tax return obligations. We also take a comprehensive approach in reviewing you and your family’s eligibility for government assistance via tax concessions, superannuation contributions and anything else.

Needing advice for auditing? Stephen is a registered company auditor with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission and has held this certificate since 1992. Essentially, the audit process involves ticking boxes within an audit program, however we don’t stop there. We always provide a list of opportunities for improvement discovered during the audit process. We consider the management report rather than a company’s statutory audit certificate to be more important, because this is what provides value to the business and its stakeholders.

Interested to find out how SK Shirley Chartered Accountants can help you manage your taxes?