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Financial Planning

Building & Keeping Your Wealth

Stephen K. Shirley - Financial Planning Stephen will act as your personal chief financial and compliance officer whether you are in business and he is consulting to that, or you are employed – he will be the single point of contact for all legal and financial advice.  Stephen has a panel of specialist advisers in all areas to ensure that he can put you in contact directly or through him with the best people available.

Our financial planning team provide strategic guidance, knowledge and advice about building your wealth, and keeping it!  We appreciate how hard it is to earn your money and how important it is to ensure that however and wherever you invest … it’s not only earning a reasonable return, it’s safe!

Our service includes:

  • Family & Business Estate Planning
  • Financial Security Insurance Protection for families and businesses
  • Investment Portfolio Asset Analysis & Selection
  • Investment Diversification & Risk Tolerance Review
  • Superannuation Construction & Advice
  • Share Portfolio & Managed Funds

Getting Your Financial Planning Right – Helping You Make The Best Decisions That Ensures You Keep It As Well As Build It!

Often the best advice we give is about NOT investing or taking other money decisions!

It’s true, there are so many choices, ideas and strategies available today that it can become very confusing.  And there are many people ever willing to offer their opinion about investments and other money topics.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of this ‘free advice’, whilst well meaning is plain wrong…or at least wrong for you and your unique circumstances!

That’s where our true value to you is very often highlighted..That is Stopping You From Making Money Mistakes!

Properly Structured Advice Is Only Achieved When All Of Your Financial Circumstances Are Weighed & Considered

Truly effective Wealth Planning is about getting the right strategic advice! Strategic advice about Investment decisions AND other financial products and services that often support and assist your financial life planning … Advice and protection through products like Life, Income Protection, Disability & Trauma/Critical Illness insurance.

As well, ensuring that your business and/or personal Estate is considered is essential to optimising your finances and ensuring you only pay the correct minimum amount of taxation!

Often, having well-structured insurance protection in place does just that – it provides financial protection! Despite it being prudent to protect yourself, your family and your assets as you grow them, it’s our duty of care to ensure you consider these needs.

What Would Life Be Like If A Tragedy Occurs

Imagine an accident or an illness strikes and you don’t have the necessary funds to support you, your business or your family?

Many don’t have enough funds set aside or invested to maintain our desired lifestyle for a prolonged period..yet alone the rest of our lives.

Your Business: If you or your business partner dies – could you afford to pay his/her estate their share of the business? Can your business afford to pay for the replacement skills during this difficult period?

Your Family: If you or your spouse died unexpectedly – how would you cope financially? Would you have enough savings and/or investments to pay off your debts, put money aside for your kids’ education and replace the household income for living expenses?

And even if you do have large enough investments to draw upon – would it be in your interests to deplete your future lifestyle and retirement assets?

These are the questions that you need to address and we’ll help you to assess your needs the right way.  When this is done, you’ll be able to make your financial decisions with the Peace of Mind you deserve!

To make the best investment decisions, you need the best information. You need knowledge and understanding…

We help you with strategic guidance, knowledge and advice about the most appropriate actions for you to take, to ensure that can you systematically build your wealth portfolio – and you keep it.

It’s not only about having the safety net of insurance – it’s also ensuring that you make safe asset selections.  We are able to provide you with research, technology and support to enable best practice in delivering financial services to our clients.

This includes helping you to discover and truly understand your tolerance to investment risk…and then designing and structuring an investment portfolio that matches you and your own tolerance levels. We take our time to ensure that we truly understand you and your needs and wants, and that you understand our advice.

We provide choices that match you and your circumstances. Decisions that will give you the best chance of reaching your financial life and wealth goals!

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