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Accounting, Tax & Audit Services

We are more than just an ‘Adelaide Accountant’ and in all probability, you need more than just an accountant!

Ensuring that you are fully compliant with the Income Tax Assessment Act is a major part of what we do for clients, but that’s only the beginning. Ultimately, we can assist you to maximise the amount of wealth you retain from your business after tax.

Our independent advice about managing your business and the systems upon which it relies will ensure that we keep you in front of your financial goals.

Some of the accounting services that we provide include:

  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Income Tax
  • GST & Fringe Benefits Tax Advisory Services
  • Preparation and implementation of Business Plans
  • Estate Audits
  • Personal and Home Budgeting
  • Cash Flow and other Budgeting
  • Audit Services

Financial Statements

When it comes time to prepare your annual financial statements, we will either invite you to come and see us at our offices or visit you, whichever is more convenient for you.

As with all of our accounting services, we consider this to be a journey, not a single event.  We encourage you to provide us with your in-house information on a quarterly basis, which results in efficient, cost-effective preparation of your Business Activity Statements (BAS).

In this way, we have a number of opportunities during the year to review your business performance, to preset key performance indicators and to plan for the period ahead!

Income Tax Preparation

Once again, when your income tax return is due to be lodged we are available to meet with you and collect all necessary information.  We also view this as an opportunity to review past tax performance and prepare for future income tax return obligations.

We always take a comprehensive approach in reviewing you and your family’s eligibility for government assistance via tax concessions, superannuation contributions or any other areas.

Estate Audits

Ensuring your Business and Personal Estate is properly planned and arranged for is critical.  We know that you want to ensure that your Estate is distributed both exactly as per your own wishes AND in a manner that minimises loss due to tax and other consequences.

We encourage you to take advantage of this guidance and advice service.  It is really not a lot more than a necessary filing system.  But as with many services, the process, planning & discovery that you go through in collating all of the necessary information often turns up tasks that you had been meaning to attend to.  It also often uncovers issues that had not been obvious until now and that might be extremely important to fix.

This assistance can include Will preparation, income or other insurance, or it may simply require updating the designated beneficiary of your superannuation fund.

Personal and Home Budgeting

We provide an easy to use one page format. You can take it away, collect data and review your  expenditure and your future savings plans.

We also provide a .pdf copy of our forms on this website which you can print, read through and prepare for our next meeting, to ensure efficient preparation of your home and personal budgeting.

Audit Services

Stephen is a registered company auditor with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.  He has held this certificate since 1992 and even prior to qualifying had many years of audit experience.

Essentially, the audit process involves ticking boxes within an audit program, however we don’t stop there. We always provide a list of opportunities for improvement discovered during the audit process.

We consider the management report rather than a company’s statutory audit certificate to be more important, because this is what provides value to the business and its stakeholders.

Stephen has provided audit reports to many different and diverse types of businesses, including the following:

  • Trust Accounts
  • Large and Small Private Companies
  • Government Grant Recipients
  • Incorporated Bodies and Clubs
  • Nursing Homes and Retirement Villages

So, if you’re searching for an Adelaide Accountant that is more than just an accountant, but is also a trusted business adviser, then Stephen K. Shirley may well be the right choice for you!